"We expect to continue investing to improve and grow the Ambipar Group as an international partner offering the highest quality environmental services."

Dennys Spencer de Maio


October 27, 2021

Can you describe the evolution of Ambipar in the last two years?

In July 2020, Ambipar Group listed on the Brazilian stock exchange (BVMF: AMBP3), and since listing Ambipar has experienced organic and inorganic growth, growing through business improvements and M&A both domestically and outside of Brazil.

Since the beginning of the pandemic we have been implementing a number of solutions related to innovation. Given that Ambipar has significant expertise in environmental disinfection, we have developed a working methodology to offer large-scale disinfection services to all industries, offices and storage facilities.

What range of services does Ambipar offer the petrochemical and chemical industries?

Over the last two years, Ambipar has augmented the range and volume of its services by adding new companies along with new business lines in order to create operational synergies and transform into a more complete enterprise. These services include waste management recovery, collection and transport, facility installation, technical risk analysis and the design of emergency plans. We also offer emergency response solutions based on a robust structure that involves industrial firemen, rescuers and first-aid assistance, among others.

Another important solution for the chemical and petrochemical industries that Ambipar offers is bioremediation. Ambipar has implemented a platform to evaluate residues in order to transform them into useful energy efficient products. Furthermore, we collaborate with a number of businesses through managing their compliance processes using software, such as mandatory documents, licensing, in-house staff paperwork, certificates and training. As far as the petrochemical industry goes, we are in charge of different emergency management operations for important companies.

Can you explain Ambipar's focus on sustainability and some of the initiatives the company is involved in?

Sustainability is key in the way Ambipar conducts business, and since the beginning we have strived to position the company as an expert in evaluating and managing waste. For example, Ambipar has made serious investments into research and development to improve waste management processes that turn residues into useful products. Additionally, we have been focusing on contributing to the circular economy. Specifically, we have been doing a great deal of R&D to transform and make use of waste so that it can be reintroduced into the industrial processes as a raw material in various sectors.

The pulp and paper industry is known for producing considerable amounts of organic and inorganic waste. Ambipar is working on a project to make compost out of organic waste to be used as a fertilizer. In terms of inorganic waste that was previously disposed of, Ambipar recycles it to produce construction materials. We also work with oil and gas industrial waste. There have been considerable investments in our energy efficiency, namely, solar panels, the usage of natural gas instead of diesel and rainwater harvesting.

How can Ambipar’s logistics services help clients overcome the global supply chain disruptions that currently exist?

Inside its operations, Ambipar has a strong logistics area that provides different kinds of equipment for specific chemicals and manages risks related to clients’ maritime and ground transportation. The company heavily invests in its fleet and new sources of energy, that is, trucks that already run on natural gas instead of diesel with the objective of developing a much greener and cost-efficient fleet.

Do you have a final message for APLA members?

Ambipar´s principal message is that the company has been optimizing its operations and processes as a result of our commitment to Environmental and Social Governance (ESG), quality and efficiency. Because of Ambipar’s global reach, clients in all the industries we work in can be sure that their demands can be met. We expect to continue investing to improve and grow the company as an international partner offering the highest quality environmental services.


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