"I believe consolidation is inevitable in the drilling industry, particularly in Québec."

David Bradley


May 17, 2024

Can you provide an update on RJLL's recent operations?

Over the past months, RJLL has maintained steady business operations. We remain optimistic due to the positive indicators in the market, particularly the favorable prices of copper and gold, which signal potential future growth. 

How will the strategic merger with Forage Nordik impact RJLL?

The merger with Forage Nordik marks a significant milestone for RJLL, as it substantially enhances our capabilities and market positioning. By integrating Forage Nordik’s assets and expertise into our operations, we now boast a fleet of 45 surface drills, greatly expanding our capacity to undertake larger projects and compete for major contracts. This strategic move not only strengthens our presence in Québec but also elevates RJLL to one of the top contenders in the regional drilling industry. 

Could you share an example of a current project that showcases RJLL's strengths and capabilities?

Currently, we are managing several multi-drill contracts that involve complex drilling operations, requiring meticulous planning, efficient execution, and stringent adherence to safety and environmental protocols. With our expanded team and enhanced safety measures resulting from the merger, we are well-equipped to handle these challenges effectively. 

Do you foresee more consolidation among drilling companies in Québec?

I believe consolidation is inevitable in the drilling industry, particularly in Québec. The current landscape, characterized by numerous contractors and intense price competition, poses challenges for companies to operate profitably while maintaining high standards of safety and quality. Consolidation presents an opportunity to streamline operations, achieve economies of scale, and enhance overall industry stability. By joining forces, companies can pool resources, leverage synergies, and better navigate market fluctuations. 

Which commodities do you anticipate driving growth in the future?

While copper and gold remain stalwart commodities with enduring demand, I also see significant potential in lithium. The increasing emphasis on renewable energy technologies, electric vehicles, and energy storage systems has fueled demand for lithium-ion batteries, driving growth in the lithium market. Despite fluctuations in prices and occasional market volatility, lithium continues to be a valuable and sought-after resource, particularly for its role in advancing sustainable energy solutions. However, it is essential to differentiate between genuine mining companies focused on responsible extraction and those merely capitalizing on market trends for short-term gains.

Will underground mining continue to be prominent in Québec?

Yes, I anticipate underground mining will remain a prominent method of resource extraction in Québec, albeit with a cautious and selective approach. While surface deposits have traditionally been more accessible and economical to mine, many of these reserves are nearing depletion or becoming increasingly challenging to exploit. As a result, mining companies are turning their attention to underground deposits, which offer untapped reserves and long-term viability. 

With many remote operations, do you see growing demand for heli-portable drills?

Heli-portable drills are crucial for reaching remote areas like those in Québec where mining operations often face challenging terrain. These drills provide a cost-effective and efficient way to conduct exploration and drilling activities thanks to technological advancements and logistical improvements. As mining companies expand into new territories and seek untapped resources, the demand for heli-portable drills is projected to increase. RJLL acknowledges the significance of this equipment and is proactively enhancing our heli-portable fleet to meet rising demand and support our clients' changing requirements.

What sets apart a great drilling company from an average one?

A top-tier drilling company stands out from the rest due to its emphasis on efficiency, safety, environmental stewardship, and dedication to excellence. They excel in executing drilling projects swiftly and accurately, ensuring minimal downtime and optimal productivity. Safety remains paramount, with rigorous protocols, continuous training, and a pervasive safety culture. Environmental consciousness is prioritized, with efforts to minimize impact, adopt sustainable practices, and comply with regulations. Additionally, these companies prioritize client satisfaction, fostering trust, and nurturing long-term partnerships through effective communication and collaboration. Also, transparency and honesty are crucial to building a good relationship. 

What is the key priority for RJLL to maintain success in the future?

At RJLL, our top priority is maintaining our reputation for quality and reliability. We invest in our team, equipment, and processes to ensure excellence in every project. Our commitment to exceeding client expectations and positively impacting communities drives our continued success and growth.


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