"Within the Performance Materials unit, we strengthened our position as a leader in pure-play specialty chemicals and ingredients, with high double-digit growth in net sales, which also holds true for our market position in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore."

Victor Liew


June 09, 2023

Could you introduce the Performance Materials business unit in the three countries of your focus?

DKSH Business Unit Performance Materials is a leading distributor of specialty chemicals and ingredients for food and beverage, pharmaceutical, personal care and specialty chemical industries, providing a full range of market expansion services to support our partners’ business growth. Our suppliers, who are our clients, are chemical and ingredient producers that rely on our expertise to drive market penetration, while our customers, who are manufacturers of end-products in a variety of industries, count on our know-how and network to supply them with raw materials. We leverage our state-of-the-art innovation centers in Indonesia and Malaysia to meet the ever-growing needs of our customers and create opportunities for our suppliers by creating new formulations, launching new products, and offering value-added services. DKSH is celebrating its 100 years anniversary in Malaysia. As a recent development, DKSH Indonesia has just launched its newly renovated Performance Materials office in Jakarta, housing a new Food and Beverage Ingredients Innovation Center specialized in confectionery, bakery, dairy and savory products.

How did DKSH Performance Materials business unit perform in FY22?

DKSH delivered very strong FY22 results, which not only confirm our successful strategy execution, but also the resilience of our business model. Within the Performance Materials unit, we strengthened our position as a leader in pure-play specialty chemicals and ingredients, with high double-digit growth in net sales, which also holds true for our market position in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. These results were also supported by improved industrial demand.

DKSH Performance Materials has received multiple awards for its digital platform, DKSH Discover. How is this customer platform enhancing your service offer?

We were recognized by the Asia eCommerce Awards 2022 with three gold and one bronze award for DKSH Discover, an in-house developed channel as part of our efforts to accelerate digital transformation. The platform allows technical specialists to conveniently access information on cutting-edge formulations, request samples and quotes, and connect with our technical experts. For example, there is a growing interest in “going natural” or using organic raw materials in personal care products, so the platform is designed to provide a seamless and efficient user experience, allowing clinical specialists to find the natural ingredients they want to use and create a formula and adapt it to local markets.

The new generation of customers tends to be more tech-savvy, well-accustomed to digital tools and more receptive to innovations. Indonesia is one of our pilot markets for this new platform, and we have already received a large volume of eCommerce sales.

What is DKSH’s strategy for localization and adapting to the cultural ecosystem of each country?

DKSH is a company with strong Swiss roots and nearly 160 years of trading experience in Asia. We think local and create the right formulation for the right market. We recognize that each market has its unique business environment, cultural norms, and customer preferences, and adapting to each ecosystem is at the core of our strategy. DKSH tailors its services to meet the specific needs of each market by investing in building the best local teams and working closely with our customers.

Can you share some of the CSR initiatives DKSH is driving in the region?

As part of DKSH’s purpose of “enriching people’s lives,” we have been involved in various CSR projects in the last year. In collaboration with Reef Check and PADI Aware, we conducted a nationwide beach and underwater cleanup in Malaysia, as part of our Marine Conservation sustainability program. Mobilizing 140 volunteers, we collected over 450 kg of coastal trash. DKHS is also playing a role in education, through our ARISE sustainability program – we partner with an NGO called SUKA society to promote literacy in Malaysian indigenous schools. In another program, we provide monthly food aid to underprivileged families. DKSH is EcoVadis “Gold” rated, distinguished among the top 5% of assessed companies.

Do you have a final message?

Moving forward, DKSH remains committed to further enriching people’s lives by providing innovative solutions that meet the needs of both our suppliers and our customers, and by lending our deep industry expertise and technical know-how within this rapidly changing global business environment.


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