"In the context of conducting business in Mongolia, knowledge dissemination has played a pivotal role."

Jonathan Cain


March 15, 2024

Could you introduce MMD Group to our international audience?

Established in 1978, MMD Group has evolved into a global engineering company, driven by the pioneering invention and patenting of the Twin Shaft MINERAL SIZER™. This innovation has brought us to the forefront of the material processing equipment industry, where we continuously lead with groundbreaking products, such as the In-Pit Sizing and Conveying system, underscoring our unwavering commitment to innovation.

What are some of the challenges you face in Mongolia and how do you overcome them?

Mongolia, being a landlocked country with remote mine sites, inherently presents logistical challenges for both customers and suppliers. The strategic positioning of our two facilities in China enables us to offer exceptional support and stockholding to the region.

The significance of weather conditions cannot be understated, and our expertise, honed in the harsh climates of Canada and Inner Mongolia, equips us with the right tools to navigate extreme temperatures.

In the context of conducting business in Mongolia, knowledge dissemination has played a pivotal role. We have been actively involved in informing the market about the distinct advantages of our solutions over conventional crushing methods.

How does MMD Group differentiate itself in the market?

Our primary differentiator lies in the innovative technology, quality, and bespoke, tailored solutions embedded in our Sizer equipment. Sizers stand out from traditional crushing methods, employing bending, tension, and sheer forces to break material. This approach proves up to 10 times more efficient than alternative crushing methods, resulting in substantial savings in electrical power and overall operating costs.

Could you walk us through some of the innovations that MMD Group has recently introduced?

Two recent innovations that we have introduced to the market are the MMD Bulk Ore Sorting System and the Fully Mobile Surge Loader™. The Bulk Ore Sorter utilizes cutting-edge ore analyzer technology to differentiate between various grades of material at the bulk phase, as opposed to the conventional method performed later in the processing cycle. By executing this process closer to the mine, we separate and dispose of waste early, saving haulage and processing costs and making operations more cost-efficient and sustainable. This approach reduces water consumption, minimizes tailings volumes, and provides Semi-Autogenous Grinding (SAG) benefits, such as increased production capacity and reduced wear rates.

The Fully Mobile Surge Loader is a groundbreaking addition to the market, enhancing traditional truck-and-shovel operations to achieve up to 40% higher productivity. Functioning as a mobile storage bunker, the Surge Loader works along the mine face with the shovel moving continuously. The shovel deposits material into the Surge Loader without interruption until it progresses to the next stage. This continuous digging and dropping process enhances productivity, while the truck fleet receives material from the Surge loader at a safe distance. The smoother feed into the truck from the surge loader not only reduces impact loading and wear on the trucks, but also trucks are filled twice as quick compared to a traditional truck and shovel operations. Truck manoeuvres are also simpler and safer, by eliminating reversing the truck body into position for material drop-off. Notably, this technology is currently in use in a copper mine in the US.

Looking ahead, our objective is to integrate these two cutting-edge technologies the Surge Loader and bulk ore sorting into the iFMSL (intelligent Fully Mobile Surge Loader). This advancement would provide all the productivity and efficiency benefits of the Surge Loader, but in addition, reliably assay material dumped into each truck. With the material composition in each truck known, operations can be more efficient by making informed decisions how material should be processed directly from the mine face, where material is more heterogeneous.

Do you have a final message?

MMD takes pride in being more than just a supplier; we are a dedicated partner, fostering strong and enduring relationships with a well-established repeat customer base. While the materials we handle are never the same twice, our robust processes, high standards, expert design, consultancy team, and global sales offices enable us to deliver tailored, bespoke solutions for each customer. The customer is the focal point of our solutions, guiding us from early concept through feasibility, installation, commissioning, and ongoing after-sales support. Our commitment extends to providing original equipment manufacturer (OEM) spares and on-the-ground expert services.

In essence, our final message is that we are a reliable partner when we make a commitment, we deliver on it. From concept to completion, MMD is dedicated to fulfilling our promises and ensuring customer satisfaction.


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"NORCAT is the only innovation centre in the world that has an operating mine designed to enable start-ups, SMEs, and international companies to develop, test and demonstrate emerging technologies."


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