"In one way or another, part of our business in Chile is usually related directly or indirectly with Codelco."

Carlos Leigh


October 28, 2022

How has the integration period progressed since DSI Underground was acquired by Sandvik in 2021?

Integration is progressing as planned, and we are improving day by day and successfully avoiding any disruption in our processes, while maintaining our quality and service as always, and gradually improving these together with Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions.

We have discovered a great partner and we both share the same purpose, concentrating our efforts in order to offer the best solutions in ground support, always with our customers in mind.

What are some of the standout Chilean projects that DSI has been working on, and which of your solutions have been in high demand in the country?

In one way or another, part of our business in Chile is usually related directly or indirectly with Codelco. We continue serving an important part of the market as contractors at the mines. Codelco PMCH (Proyecto Mina Chuquicamata Subterránea) is one of our most important project nowadays, where we are working to assure the best underground support and ventilation products, while using the best and most relevent technology available. We manage this work very closely with our client, and we consider our customer the most important part of the chain, helping us with their knowledge and trust to develop new products so that we can offer the right ones for their specific needs.

Can you provide a case study example that demonstrates the different ways in which DSI’s technology has added value to a mining operation in Chile?

We have some good examples over the last 15 years, but I believe that one of the latest is a new steel beam arch that, with some special adecuations in the design and functional structure, allow it to improve by more than 25% the resistance of a system including cement, considerably reducing the risk of rock fall.

Which of DSI’s ventilation solutions have been gaining traction in recent years?

It has being an incredible journey since we started our Joint Venture in 2020 with ABC Technology Group. All their experience, technology and innovation is today a reality in Chile and can be found in all the different regions. One of the most important innovations is the HardLine, a new duct made with a high resistance semirigid plastic that replaces in some cases a steel ducting. This is a long time duration system, easy to install with much better ventilation capabilities than the steel. This is a recent innovation of our partners in Canada and very soon we hope to start a local production in Chile, reducing considerably the extra costs related with freight and improving delivery timing, which is a critical issue for our customers.

What potential do you see for growth in Chile’s mining sector as many operations transition underground, and how can DSI help clients through this process?

More than potential growth, today growth is a reality, and this is where DSI Underground and Sandvik Electrical and Automated equipments are leading the transformation currently underway in the mining sector globally and in Chile.

We continue offering the best technical support, service and quality in the market, focusing all our efforts on our customers’s needs.


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