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Margarita Todorova, Alexander Stonor, Ester Mbomio

United States Life Sciences 2023 - Digital Interactive

April 24, 2023

In many ways, 2022 was a turning point for the US life sciences industry. After having provided a lightning-quick response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the industry gathered the lessons learned and sought a sense of normalcy to continue developing necessary drugs for patients worldwide. Yet, the geopolitical, macroeconomic, and regulatory environments all come with their set of challenges, forcing executives into increasingly complex decisions when defining their strategies.

The above has not deterred an industry that is known for its innovation, and resilience, but mostly for the strength of its science. For pharma and biopharma firms – focused on cell and gene therapies, immune-oncology, or pioneering CNS breakthroughs – the focus will now be on embracing digitalization, navigating a changing regulatory and financial landscape, and tackling health inequalities. To support those breakthroughs, the CDMO, CMO, CRO, and services segment continued to strengthen in 2022.

In that context, Global Business Reports offers analysis derived from over 80 interviews with the industry’s most insightful, thought-provoking, and authoritative executives across the life sciences value chain, spanning 19 US states, and with firms from three continents with large footprints in America. Importantly, the report features GBR’s assessment of the trends that are likely to drive the industry in the coming months.


“The last few years have been a time of extraordinary change and innovation across life sciences. The Global Business Report helps synthesize various perspectives on geopolitics, corporate strategy and R&D so that executives can make informed decisions amidst tectonic shifts in the market. I believe this report is a useful resource for industry leaders and EY is grateful for the opportunity to contribute each year.” – Arda Ural, PhD, EY Americas Industry Markets Leader, Health Sciences and Wellness

“GBR’s USA Life Sciences 2023 edition is chock full of essential data and insights about our patient-driven industry, where we’ve been and where we’re going. GBR knows that when it comes to the life sciences, innovation, and drug discovery, Massachusetts is the global hub, and MassBio appreciates the opportunity to provide commentary for several years running. Speaking with the GBR team is a pleasure because they do their homework and ask the important questions.” – Kendalle Burlin O’Connell, CEO and President, MassBio

“It is always a pleasure to work with the distinguished team at GBR. I am honored and grateful that Biocom California has been included in this important publication for so many years. GBR recognizes that California is the largest life science cluster in the world and the journalists tease out the most valuable facts and mission-critical trends. I share the report across the state with executives and with elected officials at the local, state and national levels. It is comprehensive, informative, timely and actionable.” – Joe Panetta, President and CEO, Biocom California

“The researchers at GBR always impress me with the depth of their understanding of our field and their intelligent questions to better understand the trends that affect our marketplace. They manage to speak to a variety of companies rather than the ‘usual suspects’ and their reports help illuminate what’s going on in our regional life sciences sector.” – Gil Roth, President, Pharma and Biopharma Outsourcing Association (PBOA)

“I was delighted to participate in GBR’s USA Life Sciences 2022 edition. The team has a deep and broad grasp of the market and I learned as much if not more than I shared during our sessions.” – Tom Wilson, Global Business Development Lead, Pfizer CentreOne

“Global Business Reports (GBR) United States Life Sciences report is a rich source of information for all stakeholders within the pharmaceuticals and life sciences community. The first-hand insights shared by market leaders within the industry demonstrate the lessons we have learned and tap into the key trends, challenges and solutions, which will be invaluable in making informed decisions and developing strategies for the future. On behalf of Etihad Cargo, I would like to thank the GBR team for giving us the opportunity to share the important role air cargo is playing in creating a reliable, robust and efficient global pharma supply chain.” – Fabrice Panza, Manager Global Cool Chain Solutions, Etihad Cargo

“Aragen has been regularly participating in the GBR USA Life Sciences Report and it is always a pleasure to interact with the research team. Their questions are well researched and that reflects in the insightful report that they come out with.” – Ramesh Subramanian, Chief Commercial Officer, Aragen Life Sciences

“The 2023 Pharma & Life Sciences Global Business Report, just as in previous years, includes a comprehensive look at the latest trends that are driving and impacting our industry — all in one resource. Kindeva Drug Delivery enjoyed the opportunity to weigh in on some of the trends, key drivers, and opportunities within the Contract Manufacturing, Services, and Chemicals sector. The GBR team of editors really ensures each analysis within the report not only includes rich and unique insights but that all insights are applicable and valuable for everyone in this industry.” – Milton Boyer, CEO, Kindeva Drug Delivery

“The professionals at GBR are terrific. They not only capture the essence of our industry, they weave ideas and trends together from a wide variety of experts in our field, making the report one of rich content and a hard-to-find resource in our space.” – Donna LaVoie, President and CEO, LaVoieHealthScience

"It was my pleasure to participate with the GBR Team in the preparation of the USA Life Sciences 2022 edition. The interview process was relaxed yet conducted with the utmost professionalism. The report provides insight directly from those in the ‘trenches’. I look forward to working with the GBR Team in the future!" – Robert W. Lee, President – CDMO Division, Lubrizol Life Science, Health

“GBR’s annual USA Life Sciences Report is an insightful and comprehensive resource for our industry. The meticulous research from GBR’s journalists and the thought-provoking interviews with industry experts make this report a must-read. It was a pleasure to collaborate with GBR’s team and I look forward to the opportunity to work with them again in the future!” – John Pennett, Partner-in-charge of the National Technology and Life Sciences Group, EisnerAmper

“The GBR team consistently impresses with their well-prepared research and insightful questions during interviews. They effectively capture the essence of PsychoGenics' business, and their publications are consistently impressive and a must-read. Collaborating with the GBR team has been a pleasure, and I eagerly anticipate our future interactions.” – Emer Leahy, President and CEO, PsychoGenics

“It has been a pleasure to contribute to GBR’s ‘USA Life Sciences 2023 Report’. Their team’s diligent research and thought-provoking questions provided a framework to capture both the business and technical aspects of SK pharmteco’s operations.” – Jeff Butler, President, AMPAC Fine Chemicals, an SK pharmteco company

“Our collaboration with Global Business Reports on the USA Life Sciences 2023 report, through our organization Pharma.Aero, provided valuable insights into market trends. The report's depth and breadth of coverage, coupled with the professionalism and dedication of the GBR team, have not only enriched our understanding of the industry but also provided us with a valuable resource for strategic decision-making.” – Trevor Caswell, Chairman of Pharma.Aero

“It was a pleasure collaborating with GBR journalists on the United States Life Sciences 2023 industry report. I appreciated the opportunity to share updates on HighTide’s progress. We were honored to be featured alongside our industry peers in this publication which provides a broad perspective on our dynamic industry.” – Liping Liu, Founder and CEO, HighTide Therapeutics

"The Global Business Reports (GBR) consistently captures innovation, offering an invaluable resource that is both comprehensive and insightful. This year's report is no exception; it serves as a testament to the resilience and ingenuity of our industry, especially in these challenging times. GBR's meticulous research and in-depth interviews with industry leaders provide a multi-faceted view of the sector, from emerging scientific platforms to investment trends. The report is not just an overview; it's a strategic tool that aids in shaping our corporate vision and future investment plans. The quality of the content is matched only by the professionalism of the GBR team, making the collaboration process seamless and enriching.” – Hernan Bazan, MD; CEO and Co-Founder, South Rampart Pharma, Inc.

"It’s terrific to get a high-level perspective for nationwide activity in bio innovation and technology translation. It is valuable in general to learn more about best practices in our field.” – David Schaffer, Executive Director, QB3


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