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Alice Pascoletti, Elisa L. Iannacone

Singapore Aerospace 2017

February 15, 2017

With a keen interest in moving from a 90% MRO market to a manufacturing and MRO hub, Singapore has strong government support set in place to grow within the aerospace industry. Surrounded by emerging markets, Singapore offers a key destination for the industry, with access to neighbouring skilled labour, as well as a rapidly growing LCC commercial sector. With the fastest growing aviation industry in Asia-Pacific, opportunities for continued operations is unrivalled.

Through the support of the government’s EDB, SPRING and A*STAR entities, the country is well-positioned to develop new technologies and become a leader in niche innovations, including within the space industry. Plans for Seletar Aerospace Park continue to attract industry giants across the world, and Changi T5’s expansion plans position Singapore as a key logistics and connectivity regional centre, handling 2 million tons of cargo annually.

With a stable government and regulatory framework, the country remains a solid location for investment, with 130 companies, 20 thousand employees and an annual output of over S$8 billion within the aerospace industry.


Roll-Royce occupies an important role in Singapore’s aerospace industry, leading the way in advanced manufacturing and promoting R&D.
The SIAE struggles to keep up with the fast growth of the aviation industry in South East Asia, which requires a vast number of well-trained engineers and technicians.
A*STAR Aerospace helps the Singapore aerospace industry to maintain a technological advantage through its Aerospace Research Consortium.


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