Global Business Reports


Elisa L. Iannacone, Ben Cherrington, Margarita Todorova

Mining in Ontario and Toronto's Global Reach 2022

April 20, 2022

Global Business Reports is proud to release our 2022 in-depth analysis of the Ontario mining sector and the impact it has across the world. Conducting interviews with over one hundred CEOs from majors, producers and juniors to lawyers, engineers and government, we aim to provide an overarching vision of the whole value chain involved in Ontario’s metal and mineral extraction industry.

During this volatile time, the agility of the Ontario mining sector has allowed it to retain a strong position through high levels of managerial discipline and caution. Rising commodity prices have allowed for greater production cash-flows and majors have amassed capital reserves to continue exploring, developing and producing. However, the junior sector has continued to face challenges with a highly scrutinous investor base and supply-chain delays. In a race to curb the impact of climate change, miners are cooperating more closely than ever with international, cross-industry consortiums and organizations, collaborating intensely on finding impactful solutions. How effective the industry becomes at adopting innovation, developing new technologies and showcasing the importance of mining to the greater public will play a crucial role in the struggle against global warming and challenges posed by the pandemic. 


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"The real danger is that some companies may still want to trade off the old business model of six years ago."