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Kevin Norchi, Matthias Lomas, Raquel Picornell

Mexico Steel and Iron 2018

March 05, 2018

Global Business Reports’ Industry Exploration Guide ‘Mexico Steel and Iron 2018’ provides a comprehensive analysis of Mexico’s steel and iron sector. In addition to exclusive interviews with some of the most innovative companies and important influencers in the industry, this report looks at the sector’s recent performance and prospects for the future, macro drivers, the key end-use markets and the technological trends shaping productivity and quality. Please join us for the launch of the publication on Wednesday March 7th at 4.15pm at the 29th Civil Engineering Congress hosted at the World Trade Center in Mexico City by Mexico’s Civil Engineering Association and the Ministry of Economy. Contact me for courtesy tickets available for advertisers of the publication. Courtesy discounts on entrance tickets will be made available to interviewees and collaborators.


Kosmos logistics is growing with Mexico’s rapidly developing manufacturing sector, particularly servicing the automotive industry.
Galvaprime explains the market for supplying metals to Mexico’s manufacturing sector.
Tenova HYL holds approximately 50% of the direct induced iron (DRI) reduction market, a technology which it has pioneered.
"The market in Mexico used to be only based on price, but now clients are also looking for quality and are able to pay a little more. Companies must have high efficiency and be prepared to produce products when the client needs them.”


"Mining tailings is not only the cleanest form of mining but also the cheapest: Except for rehabilitation costs, mining costs are negligible."