Western USA Copper Production and Development

April 05, 2024
Western USA Copper Production and Development: The imperative for new projects to satisfy domestic demand

Ontario's Talent Drought

April 05, 2024
Ontario's Talent Drought: Mining staying afloat in a shallow labor pool

Green Transition and the Role of the US

March 20, 2024
Green Transition and the Role of the US: Pushing for new policies, but permitting remains slow

Mexico Competes for Foreign Capital

March 20, 2024
Mexico Competes for Foreign Capital: An election year provides opportunities for chemicals

Transición energética para gerentes de mina

January 12, 2024
Expert Opinion Article by Guillermo Barreda, General Manager, Knight Piésold Peru (in Spanish).

Mine Water Stewardship in Arizona

June 01, 2023
Expert Opinion Article by Terry Braun, President, North America, SRK Consulting

Protecting Supply Chains and Prosperity: The Case for Reducing US Dependency on Foreign Critical Minerals

October 12, 2022
Expert Opinion Article by Eric Mears, Vice President, Haley & Aldrich

Arizona Copper Production: Securing a Domestic Supply Chain

October 10, 2022
Arizona, leading the charge towards the green transition





Peru Mining 2024 Pre-Release II

As the second half of 2024 approaches, Peru stands at a crossroads. According to the latest figures, the Democratic Republic of Congo has surpassed Peru as the second-largest copper producer. Cabinet changes under Boluarte's administration and ongoing corruption cases have taken a toll on investor confidence, and illegal mining remains a pressing issue. However, not everything is lost for the Andean country, and the mining sector presents growth opportunities.