Lucrezia Falcidia, Braulio Tresguerres

Western USA Mining 2024 - Digital Interactive

February 22, 2024

Copper, lithium, uranium, rare earth, and other minerals are the "hot" commodities. The world is in a race towards a more green and electrified future, and these metals have become a focal point in global discussion, being designated by many nations as "critical," resembling oil in terms of their geopolitical significance. Nations worldwide are after self-sufficiency and reducing reliance on foreign sources; the US is no exception. 

From northern Alaska to southern Arizona, the Western USA boasts rich reserves of these minerals. The current Biden administration has also actively pushed for policies to stimulate projects that will source these resources. Conversely, the private sector in the US is experiencing a transformative period: automakers are forging strategic partnerships with mining companies through off-take agreements, breaking the siloes that characterize the downstream, upstream, and downstream sectors. In addition to the "green metals," the Western USA is abundant in precious metals. As geopolitical and economic instability spreads globally, juniors and producers in the gold and silver segment closely monitor how prices will evolve and impact their operations. 

With approximately 110 interviews conducted with government authorities, associations, and key C-level executives across the mining value chain, GBR's Western USA Mining 2024 report offers a comprehensive overview of the current state of the mining industry. This report aims to provide readers with on-the-ground insights, allowing them to understand how the past has shaped today's US mining industry and what industry leaders hope for the future.


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