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Lucrezia Falcidia, Braulio Tresguerres

Western USA Mining 2023 Pre-Release

October 18, 2023

Worldwide conflicts continue to show that global supply chains remain a challenge. The Western United States is emerging as the strategic geopolitical board where Washington is striving to achieve mineral independence and fortify its domestic supply chain resilience. New policies and initiatives are being implemented to attain this goal, and stakeholders across the Western states are actively working to reduce the United States mineral dependency while aligning with the sustainability objectives outlined in the 2015 Paris Agreement.

States like Arizona —the "Copper State”— and Nevada —famous for precious metals—, play pivotal roles in this race, especially as, for example, Nevada experiences a surge in lithium exploration. Other Western states such as Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Alaska, Wyoming, and Montana are rich in critical minerals and rare earth elements, contributing to the nation's efforts to secure a domestic mineral supply chain.

Delve into GBR's research and analysis of the current state of the Western USA Mining industry and discover the main challenges and opportunities stakeholders from across the mining value chain face and how they are posed to change the US mineral supply chain.


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"Our product innovation process involves gathering client feedback and submitting it to the factory, which determines which ideas to pursue based on economic considerations."


Ontario Mining and Toronto's Global Reach 2024 Pre-Release

This pre-release edition of Ontario Mining and Toronto's Global Reach 2024 comprises analysis based on over 40 interviews with the leading executives from major producers, associations, juniors, consultants, investors, and service providers, to provide an in-depth and holistic view of what is happening now, and more pertinently, what could happen in the years ahead.



"We are excited to be moving towards the production of MREC later in 2023 at Makuutu by the role Makuutu can play in developing a magnet and heavy rare earth supply outside of China."