Engineering & Mining Journal


Alice Pascoletti, Lindsay Davis, Elisa L. Iannacone

Western Australia Mining 2017 E&MJ Release

September 07, 2017

A change in government in March brought some uncertainty to WA at a time when the iron ore giant was forced to look to alternative commodities given fluctuating market prices. With a forward-thinking mentality and an appetite for risk, Australian miners are seeking alternative outlets for their extractive prowess, particularly looking to projects that will address the global need for lithium, graphite and cobalt in the era of the lithium battery. As innovation leaders, WA miners are implementing the latest developments in equipment and working hard to diminish human factor risks through wireless technologies and automation. Service providers are racing to provide the best solutions for IoT, Big Data and cyber-security.

With a strong international focus, WA companies continue to explore new frontiers, with renewed interests in West Africa and Latin America. New junior IPOs and capital from retail and super-annuation funds have entered the mining market, indicating a positive outlook for the sector. Though the current political global climate might soften Chinese investments in-country, European and Japanese conglomerates maintain a strong interest in WA. With a strong regulatory framework, that can sometimes feel over-regulated, the state remains a safe and wise place to invest for the longer term.


St. Barbara describe its exploration operations in the Cobar Superbasin of New South Wales.
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Peru Mining 2024 Pre-Release II

As the second half of 2024 approaches, Peru stands at a crossroads. According to the latest figures, the Democratic Republic of Congo has surpassed Peru as the second-largest copper producer. Cabinet changes under Boluarte's administration and ongoing corruption cases have taken a toll on investor confidence, and illegal mining remains a pressing issue. However, not everything is lost for the Andean country, and the mining sector presents growth opportunities.



"We plan to double our copper production by the end of the decade. There remains significant upside potential in the gold industry, and the copper operations are strategic and additive to that."