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Lorena Stancu, Germaine Aboud, Maria Filippova

Singapore Chemicals, Ingredients and Materials 2022 - Digital Interactive

October 03, 2022

The Singaporean chemical industry is becoming more difficult to separate from other industries, like the renewables, food, and specialized bio-based materials sectors. The biggest chemical and oil players are also the largest investors in new energies including hydrogen, and the most vanguard technologies for carbon capture and sequestration or advanced molecular recycling stem from the labs of chemical players. Bio-polymers, bio-surfactants and bio-fuels are commercialized on the same digital channels and compete for the same raw materials as food ingredients, meanwhile people, engineers, chemists, workers and managers move between these industries more freely than ever.

At the same time, the destiny of the chemical industry remains tightly tied together with that of the O&G sector. To a world virtuously promising to phase out fossil fuels, the energy crisis caused by the cut in natural gas came as a snubbing reminder that we are far from ready to wean ourselves off carbon supplies. Persisting inflation has made it clear that the global economy continues to swing with the price (and underneath that, with the availability) of gas.

As may be expected, the main topics for this year’s report are the impact of inflation on the chemical value chain, and the strides made by the industry to curb emissionsunder that larger-than-life theme of sustainability. The simplest questions become the most challenging to answer: “Can the Singaporean chemical industry benefit from inflation?” (Or) “Is the squeeze in energy supplies good or bad news for the energy transition?” These require more than a yes-or-no reply, and are explored thoroughly with our interviewees throughout these pages.


“GBR’s 2022 Singapore Chemicals, Ingredients and Materials Report provides a comprehensive and insightful overview of the continuously evolving Chemical sector. As a company, we were pleased to have the opportunity to participate in this edition, as chemicals, gasses and new energy are the key focus points for Advario as we work towards achieving Net-Zero by 2040. We look forward to working together again with GBR in the future.” - Bas Verkooijen, CEO, Advario

"This series of interviews done by GBR really help the industry keep in touch with the chemicals landscape. This was especially useful during these pandemic years. Croda Singapore is pleased to be able to share our sustainability journey, our developments and future plans. I would like to personally thank Lorena, Maria, Germaine and the team at GBR for their wonderful work!" - Chian Yeow Chan, Site Director, Croda Singapore

"Singapore Chemicals produced by Global Business Report (GBR) is now the go-to publication for the chemical industry and we are glad to be part of their knowledge-sharing journey. It is our pleasure to be able to continuously contribute our progress and insights to the publication. Yet another great work by the GBR crew!" - Takayuki Inagaki, Managing Director, Mitsui Chemicals Asia Pacific

“Global Business Reports is a one-stop resource where we can gain key insights and market trends in the petrochemicals sector. Afton is honored to share our insights and learn from other Senior Executives’ interviews throughout the whole value chain, from our suppliers to key important customers through GBR’s digital platforms.” - Sean Spencer, Vice President and Managing Director, Afton Chemical Asia

“The information that I can gather from GBR’s Chemicals Report not only gives me an overview of the chemical markets through the thoughts of most manufacturers’ views but will also give me more confident to plan ahead with their inputs." - Kelvin Sim, Chief Executive Officer, Absotech

“Have come across many kinds of reports on chemical industry. Found GBR’s approach to reach both depth and breadth refreshing, at the same time objective and professional. The chemicals report on Singapore is a testimony to that. Had the opportunity to work two years in a row and the updates have been insightful.” - Ganapathy Swamy, Managing Director, Linde

“GBR has been actively covering movements of chemical industry in Singapore since the last few years. I appreciate the presented information and find it useful in keeping me abreast with the prevailing dynamism in the market. Happy to be partnering with GBR as and when possible” - Vinod Agnihotri, Managing Director, Lanxess

“Singapore Chemicals, Ingredients, and Materials 2022 offers valuable perspectives that reflect the challenges and opportunities of the industry, including innovative ways to prioritise sustainable development. It has been a pleasure to work with the fantastic GBR team and contribute to this insightful report." - Thomas Holenia, President, Henkel Singapore

“The chemical industry continues to play a critical role driving economic growth and promoting activities accelerating sustainability, advocating the use of safer materials, and enabling a true circular economy. GBR is in touch with the progress of the industry and we are delighted to work with them this year to share the unique shoe recycling ecosystem where every organization can be a part of.” - Paul Fong, Country Director, Dow Singapore & Malaysia

"It was a pleasure collaborating with GBR on the Singapore Chemicals 2022 report. The interview process was seamless and professionally executed, and provided an excellent platform for Air Liquide to share its perspectives on the Chemical outlook and trends, while the published report shared interesting insights from thought leaders in the industry." - Zhang Xi, Managing Director for Singapore and VP for Southeast Asia, Air Liquide

"GBR Singapore Chemicals Report 2022 is unique in nature covering adjacent industries which got synergies with chemical industries and brings out critical insights and latest developments across the domains. Nutrisource, being a relatively new player in the Agricultural Input value chain is very pleased to be featured in the report and we feel delighted to be connected with other industry players and sharing the common vision for developing sustainable food value chain across geographies." - Murari Rakshit, Founder and CEO, Nutrisource


Haldor Topsoe discusses the potential for energy transition in Latin America.
The Mexican Union of Agrochemicals Manufacturers and Formulators (UMFFAAC) describes the main themes impacting its members.
Cristian García of PROCCYT explains the dynamics influencing Mexico’s crop protecting sector.
FMC discusses the rise of sustainable products which have minimal residues on crops.


Mexico Chemicals 2024

In August 2023, Mexican exports to the US surpassed China for the first time. As companies prioritize securing supply their chains after years of logistics challenges, Mexico has begun to see major benefits. With a spate of new infrastructure projects such as the Interoceanic Corridor of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec coming online in 2023, the country is actively opening itself to investment. The chemical industry, in particular, is positioned for nearshoring-driven growth.



"We plan to double our copper production by the end of the decade. There remains significant upside potential in the gold industry, and the copper operations are strategic and additive to that."