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Singapore Chemicals 2023 - Digital Interactive

October 19, 2023

The chemical industry in Singapore is a powerful and innovative sector that has made the country one of the world's leading energy and chemical hubs. With a mix of refining, olefins production, and chemicals manufacturing capabilities, Singapore has attracted over 100 global chemicals firms that have established major operations in the country. The industry is supported by world-class infrastructure, with Jurong Island serving as Singapore's centerpiece for refining, petrochemical, and specialty chemicals activities.

Singapore's strong logistics capabilities, regional connectivity, and comprehensive free trade agreements facilitate the import and export of chemicals for companies. As the industry shifts towards using biofeedstocks, mono-material packaging, and eco-friendly formulations, Singapore has positioned itself as a sustainable and highly productive hub for chemical manufacturing. Amidst a turbulent global economy and weak demand for chemicals globally, Singapore has looked to new technologies and invested heavily in its infrastructure. With its strong intellectual property protection and extensive public and private research infrastructure, the island country has maintained itself as a top chemical exporter worldwide.


"GBR’s reports about the chemical industry in countries are well researched, insightful and helpful in building a strategic and/or tactical view about this sector. LANXESS Singapore is always pleased to collaborate with GBR in understanding the local chemical industry’s market analysis and related trends in the region. I congratulate and thank the GBR team for their worthy contribution to the chemical fraternity.” – Vinod Agnihotri, Managing Director, LANXESS

“With the many challenges facing the chemical industry, the GBR team has always provided timely and in-depth insights that are invaluable to us. Henkel is pleased to communicate and share our views on the industry this year, and we thank the team for developing a holistic and informative report.” – Thomas Holenia, President, Henkel Singapore

“GBR is one of the most insightful chemicals reporting media from a content and articulation perspective. It provides not only a comprehensive view, but also a diverse segmentation and categorization in a very crisp and structured manner. Great tool to understand the chemicals market trends, challenges and opportunities from different dimensions and perspectives through the various voices and opinions of other key industry leaders.” – Sherif Fahmy, Vice President, Southeast Asia, Diversey

"It is our pleasure to work with the Global Business Report (GBR) crew once again, and have the opportunity to share our insights and updates with the Singapore Chemicals readers." – Takayuki Inagaki, Managing Director, Mitsui Chemicals Asia Pacific

“With an increasing focus in the APAC region on chemicals related to renewable energy or the EV market, it is good to see the GBR team and the Singapore Chemicals, Ingredients and Materials 2023 publication addressing these important and emerging topics and I was very pleased to be able to contribute.” – Willi Muenninghoff, Health Sciences Regional Director – Asia Pacific, Ramboll

“The Singapore chemicals report is a great piece of work and should be used by anyone interested in the sector, from those wanting to learn about it to industry experts. Navigating the digital report is also a fantastic and intuitive experience. It’s great to be part of it too!” – Charles Pfauwadel, Senior Vice President - Asia & PNG, Airswift

“I believe that ‘Singapore Chemicals, Ingredients and Materials 2023’ will serve as a valuable resource for those seeking to understand the impending transformation of the Singapore Chemical Industry. I would like to express my gratitude to GBR for the opportunity to contribute to this publication and commend their dedication to provide high-quality industry insights.” – Wayne Yap, Executive Director, ASPRI

"GBR's Singapore Chemicals Report is a comprehensive and informative resource on the latest sector happenings, with a focus on sustainability. We are honoured to be part of their journey, sharing our 80 years of growth story and developments in Industrial mixing solutions. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the chemical industry in Singapore." – Ee Wei TAN, Executive Director and Melvin Tan, Managing Director, Cyclect Group

“The Singapore Chemicals, Ingredients, and Materials 2023 report by GBR is an insightful and comprehensive resource, offering a strategic view of the industry. CSL is honoured to contribute, extending gratitude to the GBR team for their valuable contribution to the Singapore Chemical Industry.” – Joshua Lai, Senior Vice President, Chemical Specialties Limited (CSL)

"GBR's analysis of the chemical industry across various countries is meticulously researched, offering profound insights that prove invaluable in shaping both strategic and tactical perspectives of this sector. FRP Services & Co, Singapore consistently finds great value in partnering with GBR to gain a comprehensive understanding of the local chemical industry's market dynamics and associated trends within the region. I extend my warm congratulations and sincere gratitude to the GBR team for their substantial contribution to the chemical community. Their work stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence." – Raj Kaushik, Director, FRP Services (Asia)

“For anyone interested to know about the chemical and petrochemical industry, GBR’s Singapore Chemicals report will be a great place to start. You will get a wide and comprehensive representation of the various and varied stakeholders ranging from the producers, users, traders, governmental agencies, to the infrastructural and logistics providers; and read about the latest views and insights of the industry here.” – Chua Chye Poh, CEO, ShipsFocus


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