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Lorena Stancu, Maria Filippova

Singapore Chemicals 2021

June 03, 2021

The performance of the chemical industry in 2020 gives an appropriate picture of the past year. Chemical materials used in healthcare, pharma, nutrition and electronics saw a fluctuating demand boost, while personal care, packaging, construction or automotive suffered more acutely due to low economic activity. After an almost 10% revenues dip for the global chemical industry, the sector is expected to bounce back at 10% growth in line with GDP growth projected for 2021. But the consequences of the pandemic stretch further – leaving a mark on consumer behaviors, the structuring of global supply chains, and industrial applications. The biggest task for the industry will be to identify what are temporary, lasting or permanent, accelerating or decelerating changes. 

Singapore is at the heart of APAC, the largest market for both specialty chemicals and petrochemicals, and the region that appears to be recovering fastest from the pandemic. The 100 chemical companies of Jurong Island find themselves at an interesting juncture: First, the industry looks to advance up the value chain through downstream investments – especially in those market segments that appear most resilient, including pharma and nutrition. Secondly, more players are distancing from hydrocarbon feedstocks, as well as initiating more transitions to decarbonize themselves and to help decarbonize their partner industries. Thirdly, digital tools and AI enable the transformation of operations and interactions across the value chain from a linear to a more flexible digital framework. All these changes are catalysed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

GBR’s 2021 edition of Singapore Chemicals provides an in-depth insight into one of the world’s most dynamic and forwards looking chemical sectors at a time of unprecedented change.


“GBR’s latest Singapore Chemicals 2021 report provides valuable insights on key developments and trends in the industry landscape. Borouge is pleased to participate in the report and share our perspectives on building a circular economy across the value chain.” - Wim Roels, CEO, Borouge

“It has always been a wonderful experience working with GBR. This year, amidst the challenges of the pandemic, GBR was able to publish an excellent report; providing readers with a comprehensive narrative of Singapore's downstream sector and the challenges faced. I would like to thank Lorena and the team at GBR for their immense work.” - Wayne Yap, President, ASPRI

“Our collaboration with GBR on the Singapore Chemicals 2021 report provided a great platform to share our view on major trends and to gain insights on operator’s strategies in the Chemical industry in Singapore and ASEAN. We appreciate to get connected with the Chemical industry leaders in the region and to present our company’s vision on the digital and automation transformation journey in the Chemical sector.” - Tobias Botzenhardt, VP & Head of Business Unit Process Automation ASEAN, Siemens

“The “Singapore Chemicals” has become an annual must read in the chemical industry. It not only reviews how companies have performed, it also shows how the industry and Singapore are evolving, providing interesting and forward looking perspectives. I particularly like its diverse coverage of inter-related non-chemical companies and their unique views.” - Chua Chye Poh, Founder, Shipsfocus

“I am associated with GBR for last 3 years and wrt their report about the chemical industry in Singapore, I found the insights very meaningful and interesting. The information provided was concise, updated, helpful in understanding the industry dynamics and aligning with developing trends.” - Vinod Agnihotri, MD, Lanxess Singapore

“GBR has done a great job in building a strong network of petrochemical and chemical players in the Singapore market to provide a diverse and insightful range of perspectives and thoughts on the current and future state of the industry in Singapore and the region. It has been a pleasure to work with GBR and contribute to this important and insightful piece of work.” - John Hong, Asia Pacific Sales Director, Infineum

“Being closely connected with the Chemical Industry as well as in line with our corporate strategy, Leschaco was delighted to participate in this year’s Singapore report. GBR did a fabulous job covering the Chemical and Petrochemical Industries in Singapore and provided some good insights.” - Alexander Donau, Regional Head APAC, Leschaco

“The GBR reports have been very insightful and gave very good overview of the Singapore chemical industry as well as some depth into challenges and trends. The subject matter knowledge of the reporters are impressive where key questions are asked and accurately interpreted /reflected. A must read publication to get a good feel of the state of the chemical and its supporting industries in Singapore, that is positioned to serve the bigger ASEAN & AP Region.” - Johnson Lai, VP, Chemical Specialties Limited (CSL)

“The GBR team has done an excellent work in their comprehensive and in-depth coverage of the chemical industry in Singapore. With their insightful articles and interviews, the report is a must for those who want to learn more about the industry’s value chain and development.” -Thomas Holenia, President, Henkel Singapore

“I had the opportunity this year to collaborate with GBR for communicating about our Company business development and our sustainability approach to make greener our assets. GBR report is a great way to connect the industries and their partners while updating our Company strategic roadmaps.” - Raymond Sinnah, President of Mineral Specialties Division, SEQENS

“GBR provides an excellent service to our industries, allowing stakeholders spanning industry and government to share insights and assembling these for broader review. The Singapore Chemicals 2021 report was especially informative at this juncture given all the volatility we have to navigate. It was a pleasure working with GBR.” - Peter Wheeler, GM, Buckman

“GBR’s Singapore Chemicals 2021 Report has done well to cover the chemicals industry landscape in Singapore. It provides useful information for the industry players that would have taken considerable time and resources to obtain such information.” - Daniel Loh, Managing Director & Head of Asia, HELM ASIA

“I was impressed by the professionalism displayed and excellent questions asked by GBR during my interview. For the report itself, I found it informative and insightful with a good mix of interviews covering a range of topics that are very important to the chemicals industry. The fact that the report focused on Singapore was a key reason why we participated, and it was impressive to see how the report holistically showed not just Singapore’s past investments but also the actions it is taking to develop into a chemicals hub for the region.” - Laurent Nataf, President and CEO, Azelis Asia Pacific


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