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Alexander Stonor, Carola Gómez, Felicia CouIter

Québec Mining 2023

October 05, 2023

The time is now for Québec. Having spent many months throughout 2023 battling against the biggest wildfire in its history, Québec braces to supply the world’s needs for future-facing commodities, while remaining a global hub for gold production. A top contender for investment attractiveness, the province saw an upscale in mining activity in the past months – that shows no signs of waning – to feed markets hungry for its precious, battery, and base metals.

Amid ambitious societal decarbonization goals and board-driven production targets, the industry in Québec can rely on its unique institutional, financial, and legal environment. Most importantly, La Belle Province’s network of service providers has made a name for itself globally, and the world’s appetite for minerals suggests that the know-how of Québecois engineers, geologists, drillers, air carriers, and AI-driven innovators, will have an ever-so-important role in making the green transition a success.

Amid the wildfires, GBR’s research team traveled throughout the province interviewing close to 80 industry leaders to present the most comprehensive analysis for stakeholders involved in the global mining value chain. From the government and its institutions to financial stakeholders, mining giants, ambitious explorers, and innovation-driven service providers, all forces are driving Québec’s mining industry forward.


“It was a great pleasure to work with GBR team again this year. Their publication is very interesting and appreciated. Thanks.” – Daniel Paré, VP-Québec, Agnico Eagle

"GBR is a highly respected magazine with knowledgeable editors, providing us with the opportunity to showcase our progress on our project”. Jose Vizquerra, CEO, O3 Mining.

“Ressources Québec is honored to collaborate to this latest edition of GBR, an absolute must in the industry. It is one of the best ways to get all the latest news and trends, as well as necessary insights to take relevant business decisions.” – Jean-François Béland, Vice President, Ressources Québec

“The collaboration had in the past year with GBR has fully met our expectations where our company has gained added notoriety within the industry which is ultimately the best marketing tool to thank existing customers and attract new interest from others.” – Daniel Misiano, President, MBI

“It is always nice to have a good discussion and develop on a topic that we’re all passionate about. When we speak with GBR, it is the perfect opportunity to let others know why we have this passion.” – Pascal Hamelin, CEO, Abcourt Mines

“The experience of working with GBR is exceptionally positive. Their publication is highly regarded by individuals keen on staying updated about the prominent figures in Quebec's mining scene. GBR's reports are of outstanding quality and have a wide distribution, featuring companies from various sectors. This diversity proves invaluable for mining professionals seeking comprehensive insights.” – Gordana Slepcev, COO, Lomiko Metals

‘’It has been a pleasure to collaborate with the efficient and highly qualified teams at Global Business Reports. We appreciate GBR's commitment to shedding light on the critical role aviation plays in the mining industry, and we are happy to engage in this important discussion within such a comprehensive report.’’ – Nathalie Tousignant, President, OCTANT Aviation

‘’I really enjoyed working with GBR for Québec Mining 2023. They were able to put us at ease right from the start when conducting the interview. They're accessible and they listen. Their publication is very attractive and full of relevant information about Quebec's mining sector.” – Jean-Sébastien Grenier, Team Leader Water Treatments, GCM Consultants

“As always, it was a real pleasure working with the GBR team. Their staff are very professional and have a great knowledge of the ecosystem, making them a key source of relevant information.” – Jean-Francois Couillard, President, Adria Power Systems

“GBR reflects a dedicated pursuit of understanding the market trends, embodying professionalism that significantly enriches the market discourse. Nolinor Aviation cherishes this collaborative endeavor and looks forward to contributing to insightful exchanges in the years ahead.” – Marco Prud’Homme, President, Nolinor Aviation

‘’I had the pleasure of being interviewed by GBR, a reputable mining magazine. The interviewer displayed a great depth of knowledge about the mining industry in Quebec. GBR's commitment to providing a platform for all mining companies deserves accolades and I would highly recommend GBR to mining companies and professionals seeking reputable and inclusive media Coverage ‘’ – Mario Drolet, President, Mi3

“Working with GBR is always a delight. Their publication has become a reference about what is happening in the mining world in Quebec.” – Normand Champigny, CEO, Quebec Precious Metals (QPM)

“As a relative newcomer to the Quebec mining sector – through our Windfall JV with Osisko – we were looking for means to create awareness of the Gold Fields name there. GBR’s Quebec Mining 2023 was one of the outlets we decided upon as it provided us with the opportunity to outline Gold Fields’ strategy and performance in a comprehensive and factual manner.” – Sven Lunsche, VP Corporate Affairs, Gold Fields

“We always enjoy working with GBR and find their content consistently informative.” – Amanda Truscott, Co-Founder and CEO, Rithmik Solutions

‘’I usually prefer being under the radar and stay very low key about our Company. But after meeting with the GBR team and see what they do, they made me feel comfortable to share the vision and mission of our Company. GBR gives a complete 360 of the industry and their work is the highest standard and very professional!’’ – David Bradley, Co-Owner, RJLL

"GBR’s Québec Mining Report is a must read. Working with their group of reporters has been an absolute delight. They are professional and know the industry inside out." – Frank Mariage, Partner, Fasken

"Diafor is happy with its continued collaboration with GBR. Their knowledgeable reporters ask precise questions, and GBR's publications are very insightful.” – Mathieu Dionne, President, Diafor

“We were delighted to collaborate with GBR on this project. It was important for us to amplify our company’s story out with a respected and credible publication.” –  Alicia Milne, CEO, Q2 METALS


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