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Margarita Todorova, Germaine Aboud

MACIG Southern Africa 2021 - Digital Interactive

September 22, 2021

GBR is excited to be back covering Southern Africa for the Mining in Africa Country Investment Guide (MACIG) 2021 - 2022 edition. This report is a product of over 80 interviews with industry-leading executives to provide the most recent insights and highlights of the Southern African mining industry. This year, we investigate the rise and fall and potential rise again of South Africa, the Namibian mining industry's strengths and challenges, the fourth industrial revolution in mining, the rapid energy transition, and much more.

The upswing in commodity prices has allowed these African jurisdictions more opportunities, despite the global headwinds and local challenges, such as its ongoing battles against corruption, power cuts and weak infrastructure. The region's richness in both base and precious metals, whose prices have recently been around all-time highs, has facilitated recovery and helped to withstand external pressures.

We extend our gratitude to all our interviewees from governments, juniors and major producers, service-sector companies and financial institutions for taking the time to share their insights on operating in Southern Africa with us, and we hope that our publication will help towards a better understanding of the mining sector in this always-exciting region.


It was a pleasure to collaborate with GBR on the MACIG Southern Africa 2021 report, which pulls together the insightful perspectives of many key leaders in the mining sector. Opportunities in the global resources sector continues to grow, and southern Africa is a vital region to understand. The depth and breadth of content is impressive and a great compilation for those interested in keeping their finger on the pulse of this industry, which is rapidly evolving to meet twenty-first century needs such as climate change.” - Joe Walsh, Managing Director, Lepidico

I have had the pleasure of engaging with GBR several times, highlighting the work undertaken by SRK Consulting. They are always well prepared, insightful and professional – looking to explore relevant issues and provide their readers with context and analysis. I enjoy reading their profiles and insights into the mining industry and look forward to future interaction.” - Andrew van Zyl, Director and Principal Consultant, SRK Consulting

"We are very excited to have collaborated with GBR in sharing our thoughts on the state, and trajectory, of the South African mining industry. We value the insights, research and industry knowledge garnered and shared by GBR. It assists us in deepening our understanding of the landscape in which our client's operate including their goals, challenges and opportunities for the future.” - Kate Collier, Partner, Webber Wentzel

“As a boutique law firm, I’m so honoured to see NSDV included in this year’s GBR’s Mining in Africa Country Investment Guide. I love that GBR makes an effort to include more women’s voices in these reports, and commend you for asking the type of questions that lead to great industry insights.” – Lili Nupen, Founder and Director at NSDV.

It is a pleasure to discuss current challenges facing the mining industry in South Africa with MACIG’s interviewers as they are extremely knowledgeable, professional and informed and the dialogue is therefore mutually beneficial. The resultant publication is accessible to readers and contains a wealth of information in an extremely polished format.” - Catherine Warburton, Managing Director, Warburton Attorneys

“It has been and it continues to be a great pleasure in collaborating and working with GBR. The industry research, intel and information on their publications, newsletters and articles, has demonstrated how in depth they conducted their investigation on mining matter across the globe. As a loyal follower of GBR’s industry publications, I am pleased to see that their publication does add value to our decision-making process in respect of the investment objectives of our firm.” - Banzi Giyose, Co-Founder and Vice President, BG Global

It is always a pleasure working with GBR on the MACIG reports, they are very professional about what they do and publish. I have been involved with them on numerous occasions, and have only experienced true professionalism. I also find that the articles are to the point and very relevant to the times, congratulations and continue the fantastic work you do.” - Eric Bruggeman, CEO, SA Capital Equipment Export Council

”Collaborating with GBR this year is a first for the South African Diamond Producers Orginasation, representing the small and junior, mostly alluvial, diamond mining operations in South Africa. I am excited about this opportunity knowing that this platform gives this important part of the South African diamond producing industry the deserved exposure and I am looking forward to future collaborations.” Gert Van Niekerk, Chairman, South African Diamond Producers Organisation (SADPO)

"The digital interactive MACIG report is clear, easy to navigate and covers the industry meticulously. This is important for us in terms of accurate market intelligence and included valuable insights which I had the pleasure to be a part of.” - Dylan Tudor-Jones, Country Manager South Africa, Gransolar Group

The South African Mining Digital report gives insight into the vision and views of local manufactures. Working with GBR was a professional and thought provoking experience.” - Mncedisi Makhamba, Director, Drill Rod Specialist

"It was a pleasure to collaborate with GBR and having the opportunity to share my views about the mining industry with their very knowledgeable and insightful journalists.” Albert du Preez, SVP, Head of Tomra Mining

It has been an honor collaborating with GBR on the Mining in Africa Country Investment Guide 2021 - 2022. In addition to the depth of analysis, the responsiveness, and the different points of view of contributors, the publication provides a variety of content that makes it a fascinating read that we all look forward to reading.” - Ntsiki Adonisi-Kgame, Executive, Natural Resources and Environment, ENSafrica

The GBR publications feature diverse representation from industry leaders in the global mining and mining technology sector, which ensures a comprehensive view into current trends. It’s always a pleasure being interviewed by a knowledgeable team that can unlock a conversation during the interview process.” - Gideon Slabbert, General Manager, Maptek Africa


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