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Lucrezia Falcidia, Germaine Aboud

Chile Mining 2021 - Digital Interactive

April 12, 2021

After a fraught 2019, marked by social unrest, Chile’s mining industry began 2020 in an optimistic mood. Then came the global pandemic. Fortunately, the Chilean mining industry has shown remarkable resilience and perseverance, as it withstood the external pressures well compared with other leading copper producers, and maintained forecast production levels. Higher copper prices and an increasing adoption of automation and technology currently place Chile in a strong position in 2021 to maintain its position as the world’s leading copper producer, despite declining grades.

Our 2021 Chile Mining Report is the product of over 70 interviews with major mining companies, junior explorers, service providers, equipment and technology suppliers and government officials, and covers copper, precious metals and lithium, as we try to paint an accurate picture of the present state of the Chilean mining industry amid the upcoming constitutional reform, environmental challenges such as water scarcity; as well as the industry 4 revolution that is breathing new life into a maturing sector.


"I see a clear growth potential for our company in Chile through product expansion over our existing customer base."
Finning explains how, together with CAT, it is prepared to help Chiles mines move towards autonomy.
Edyce is confident that the economic outlook for the rest of 2021 and 2022 is promising, an that the project development pipeline of different mining companies in Chile will be executed as planned.
Tecno Fast explains how it can help mining companies in Chile with infrastructure services including camps and modular buildings.


Mexico Chemicals 2024

In August 2023, Mexican exports to the US surpassed China for the first time. As companies prioritize securing supply their chains after years of logistics challenges, Mexico has begun to see major benefits. With a spate of new infrastructure projects such as the Interoceanic Corridor of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec coming online in 2023, the country is actively opening itself to investment. The chemical industry, in particular, is positioned for nearshoring-driven growth.



"We plan to double our copper production by the end of the decade. There remains significant upside potential in the gold industry, and the copper operations are strategic and additive to that."