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Imara Salas, Meredith Veit, Kevin Norchi

Chile Mining 2018 Expomin Official Investment Guide

March 21, 2018

As a country whose economy has historically depended on mining and whose national budget is pegged to the price of copper of which the country caters for 30% of global supply, Chile serves as a microcosmic representation of the mining industry at large and suffered correspondingly during the recent downturn. Now, as commodity prices continue to recover, so will Chile’s mining industry. The combination of expected infrastructure projects in the United States, China and India, and the world’s transition from fossil fuels to electric vehicles and lithium ion batteries indicates that Chile’s natural resources will play a more critical role than ever. Global Business Reports explores how Chile’s miners have learned from the past and are implementing new technologies and strategies to ensure a more sustainable future.


Antirion provides risk management services through a web-based software platform.
The Bolsa de Santiago has made partnerships with regional exchanges as well as with the TSXV in order to maximize the exposure of mining companies in Chile to international investors.
Golder Associates discuss their business in Chile.
Mainstream Renewable Power are at the forefront of Chile’s dramatic increase in renewable energy production.


"The real danger is that some companies may still want to trade off the old business model of six years ago."