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Elisa L. Iannacone, Sofia Messina, Ben Cherrington, Paola Perez Corona

British Columbia, Yukon and Vancouver Mining 2019 E&MJ Release

April 18, 2019

Vancouver can lay claim to being the capital of the global mining industry, with over 800 mining companies and juniors headquartered in the city. However, despite 2017 marking the first increase in exploration spending since 2012, B.C. lags behind domestic rivals Québec and Ontario in terms of its ability to attract exploration activity and investment. In this context, many companies across the value chain — from majors to mid-tiers, through to a plethora of juniors and service providers — are increasingly shifting focus to opportunities in foreign jurisdictions. On the domestic front, the formation of the B.C. Regional Mining Alliance aims to stimulate reconciliation and collaboration between stakeholders. Further north, Yukon has become a hotbed of exploration activity, and will welcome three new mines that are expected to enter production over the next six years: Victoria Gold Corp’s Eagle mine, Goldcorp’s Coffee project, and Western Copper and Gold’s Casino project. Vancouver is also home to a diverse range of companies instrumental in dictating the future of the industry, working with international counterparts to develop solutions that are transforming processing technology, allowing companies to identify new deposits and enhance mine safety.


Silvercorp is a low-cost silver-producing Canadian mining company with multiple mines in China.
Tembo Power is developing hydropower projects across Africa with a focus on DRC.
Chesser Resources is upbeat about its Diamba Sud gold resource in Eastern Senegal.
Robocon speaks with GBR about the outlook for its services in Peru.


Peru Mining 2024 Pre-Release II

As the second half of 2024 approaches, Peru stands at a crossroads. According to the latest figures, the Democratic Republic of Congo has surpassed Peru as the second-largest copper producer. Cabinet changes under Boluarte's administration and ongoing corruption cases have taken a toll on investor confidence, and illegal mining remains a pressing issue. However, not everything is lost for the Andean country, and the mining sector presents growth opportunities.



"We plan to double our copper production by the end of the decade. There remains significant upside potential in the gold industry, and the copper operations are strategic and additive to that."