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Mariolga Guyon, Natalia Preciado, Maeve Flaherty, Aya Turk

Brazil Mining 2023

November 20, 2023

Buoyed by government and private investment, Brazil’s mining sector is going through a significant transition period. Benefiting from a truly green energy matrix, Brazil can be a leader in sustainable mineral production. Its government is aware of the role that mining can play in the country’s economic development and is supporting the industry’s growth in various ways, including the inauguration of an investment fund for critical mineral production and the establishment of the National Fertilizer Plan to drive  self-sufficiency. As global demand for sustainably produced critical minerals for the green energy transition booms, the country has all the necessary factors to meet that demand while maintaining its position as a leader in iron ore production.

This print and PDF edition of GBR’s Brazil Mining 2023 report provides a holistic overview of the state of the industry, exploring recent and upcoming changes and their impact on the industry. The report examines regulatory and legislative activities, current operations and projects, and the latest industry trends in one of the world’s major mining jurisdiction. It also includes 90 interviews with leading executives, government officials and industry players across the Brazilian mining value chain so as to provide readers with an on-the-ground insight into the thoughts and aspirations of industry’s main protagonists.


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