"What sets us apart from other companies is our continuous investments in our manufacturing sites and machinery."

Vittorio Broccoli & Maud Saillard


November 18, 2021

Can you introduce Erbozeta Group to our audience?

MS: Erbozeta started off as a family company in 1987 in San Marino with only three employees and a purely commercial role. In 2009, we established a manufacturing site based on pharmaceutical standards, also adding to our offer the provision of manufacturing services. By controlling production, we could exert greater control over the quality of our products, which has always constituted a key focus. With the addition of Famaluce and Logus Farma, Erbozeta became a group company and began expanding its international presence; Farmaluce is dedicated to medical devices, especially in the respiratory area, while Logus Farma is specialized in gynecology. Today, both headquarters and manufacturing site remain based in San Marino.

Could you walk us through your product portfolio and your current innovation focuses?

MS: Our products cover over 20 specialties, but we are particularly strong in the respiratory and gastroenterology areas, and we also have original products for neurology and cardiology. However, we are always ready to enter new therapeutic areas. For instance, two years ago we developed our first ophthalmic product, a medical device in eye-drops, tablets and soft-gel. We are constantly aware of new scientific evidence to improve our existing products, and I believe our constant focus on scientific evidence, innovation and what the market needs is what marks us apart from competitors.

VB: Every aspect of production, from market research, formulation, testing, and creating and launching the finished product is carried out within Erbozeta. One of the key strengths of our model is that we rely strongly on scientific evidence to select patented raw materials, continuously improve the quality of our products, and bring the latest innovations to the market. We have a dedicated production area exclusively for probiotics, with a different temperature and humidity level, and other ones for the production of solid forms (tablets, capsules, sticks, sachets) and liquid solutions, including medical devices (syrups, drops, oral sprays, throat sprays, nasal sprays, liquid sticks). We also use a particular kind of patented packaging: the so-called “Long Life”, which is an advanced single-dose bottle with a cap filled with powder, kept separate from the bottle which contains the liquid. This operates in a “press-shake-drink” mode and is ideal for single-dose probiotics and multivitamins, since it keeps the solid and liquid components apart, ensuring a longer shelf-life.

What demand trends are you observing since the pandemic?

VB: Demand shifted substantially during the pandemic, the regular demand dynamics being heavily impacted. For instance, the extensive use of masks led to the near disappearance of the common flu, putting a damper on flu-related, cough-and-cold products. Conversely, the demand for immunology boosters increased significantly. We responded rapidly to these fluctuations and came up with the Luxfluires line – a set of products aimed at increasing the natural defense of the immune system. The pandemic and ensuing strict lockdowns also led to a rise in demand for products used in sleeping disorders and anxiety. Our Melacron line includes sprays for fast absorption and therefore a quick benefit, but also slow-release tablets that ensure a good night’s sleep throughout the night. Last but not least, in 2021 we integrated the Collagendep line, which is dedicated to beauty and comes with a completely new, handy and smart packaging.

Erbozeta also offers CDMO services. Can elaborate on this business line?

MS: Our CDMO services constitute a large part of our dual business model. Our production capabilities for solid forms, liquid forms and probiotics can all be deployed for toll manufacturing. In some cases, our partners approach us with an undefined concept, so our R&D team works closely with them to design the formula and provide all the information to the client so they can develop the product. In the meantime, Erbozeta takes charge of the stability studies to prepare for the market launch.  In other cases, clients know exactly what they want, and we simply execute their idea.

What are Erbozeta’s focus markets?

MS: Erbozeta currently sells its products in approximately 70 countries. Since starting to distribute our products worldwide, we realized the importance of having offices in different parts of the world to maintain close contact with clients. Our first branch was established in Austria, dedicated to medical devices – this allowed us market entry in the EU.  We then opened a branch in Asia to meet the fast-growing demand in this market, and finally another subsidiary in Portugal. Our Portugal office (Erbozeta Iberica) is a bridge to Central and South America, and it deals with patent registrations and patent protections internationally. Today, the Middle East is Erbozeta’s fastest-growing market.

What are Erbozeta's mid-term objectives, and do you have a final message for our audience?

MS: Our aim is to maintain the high and consistent growth we have seen in the past years.  What sets us apart from other companies is our continuous investments in our manufacturing sites and machinery. For example, we recently added nitrogen to our line of oral solutions and blisters-packs, and we also invested in a new and bigger warehouse dedicated exclusively to probiotics.

VB: Erbozeta’s manufacturing site has stayed in San Marino rather than being changed to a lower-cost location because our owner, a pharmacist himself, always wanted to ensure the highest quality standards. We’d like to take further this vision, innovate alongside our partners, and stay at the forefront of the latest technology.


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