"As a key player in the Mexican coatings industry, Reacciones Químicas has ambitious plans for expansion in the US."

Patricio Cueva


November 18, 2021

Reacciones Químicas is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2021. How has the company evolved in recent years?

Reacciones Químicas has evolved by using new tools and technologies for processing and developing products. The company has continuously invested in up-to-date facilities for our R&D team in order to replicate most of our clients’ processes, putting this together with our scientists Know-how and market trends information we have been able to take advantage of new opportunities focused on product performance and improvement. Most importantly, Reacciones Químicas has strengthened its culture by developing its leaders and team members, as they are the foundations of our company and have given form to our identity as a company.

Where does the Reacciones Químicas source its raw materials from, and how is the company currently dealing with the global logistics challenge?

Our raw materials are imported from all over the globe, mostly from the US, Asia and Europe. The logistics and supply chain situation has been critical over the past year, causing a significant impact on prices. Supply chain deficits do not only affect the chemical industry, but every industry worldwide. However, with correct planning and the great relationships we have with our suppliers, Reacciones Químicas has been able to effectively adapt to these conditions, mitigating challenges and sourcing what we need to in order to continue to service our customers. 

How are the global green agenda and regulations such as VOC influencing the company’s product lines?

Reacciones Químicas has a holistic outlook on sustainability and aims not only to include it in our products, but also in our operations. Since 2017, up to 80% of our electricity comes from wind energy. We are also currently in the process of installing over 2,000 square meters of solar panels on the roofs of our warehouses which will generate approximately 470,000 KW/h per year. We have managed to reduce our annual CO2 emissions by over 2,000 tons per year, and will continue improving our operations to achieve even bigger reductions. 

The company also has recycling and waste reduction programs to decrease our carbon footprint and energy consumption. Reacciones Químicas’ R&D team is continuously working on incorporating recycled and more sustainable raw materials into its processes. Regarding VOC’s, the company has been working with solvents and technologies developed specifically for the coatings market which are focused on performance and meeting the requirements of VOC regulations.

What are the main demand trends you have noticed in the coatings market in 2021, and which markets do you expect to grow in 2022?

The coatings market has had a great comeback in the second half of 2020, and this has continued during 2021. The market segments that have experienced a higher growth over the past months are the architectural and industrial industries and we expect the trend to continue for 2022.

As the company grows, how can you scale the business from a human resources standpoint?

Reacciones Químicas has been certified as a great place to work for two years in a row. The company will continue reinforcing its employee development program as a tool for our collaborators’ professional growth, leading us to work hand in hand with the people to ensure they will achieve mutual goals. Our history, work culture and certifications ensure we not only attract, but also retain the best talent available in the market.

Looking forward, can you tell us about Reacciones Químicas’ expansion plans in the US?

The US is an important market for Reacciones Químicas and we are currently working through our distributing partners. In order to grow even further, we have been forming close relationships with customers so we can have a better understanding of their needs, and develop tailored made products for them. The flexibility we have with our R&D team is yet another of our differentiators.

As a key player in the Mexican coatings industry, Reacciones Químicas has ambitious plans for expansion in the US, and for this reason, we are focused on sustainability and product trends in the American Market, so we can understand and meet their needs, taking firm steps for further growth in the medium and long term.


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