"Companies across China are transferring segments of their business to Thailand, a top choice among Chinese automakers and component manufacturers, with Vietnam, the Philippines, and Indonesia gaining new investments as well."

Hui Hui Kiw


July 10, 2024

MacDermid Enthone Industrial Solutions is a global leader in surface finishing. Could you introduce the company to international readers?

A subsidiary of Element Solutions Inc, a diversified specialty chemicals company serving a broad spectrum of industries, MacDermid Enthone Industrial Solutions stands as a global leader, specializing in the research & development and manufacture of chemical compounds catering to all facets of surface finishing applications. Our surface treatment solutions are utilized in the automotive, electronics, household goods, medical, and aerospace industries, touching nearly every surface that you see in daily life. MacDermid Enthone has a sales footprint in 53 countries globally. In Asia, we have direct manufacturing, R&D, Application Development Centers, and laboratories located in mainland China, India, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand. This global presence and local footprint enable us to support our customers across Asia with industry-leading products and service, backed by global innovation. 

Could you elaborate on your portfolio of both decorative and functional solutions?

In both our decorative and functional portfolios, we prioritize developing innovative and sustainable technologies for the markets we serve. These solutions are designed to meet the needs of our global OEM network while complying with current and future industry regulations. Within decorative, our solutions include chrome and precious metal plating, along with chrome-free etch technologies for Plating on Plastics (POP), and trivalent chrome plating solutions. These processes are available in a wide array of colors to meet nearly any specification, with both matte and gloss finishes. Our decorative solutions are applied across a wide range of applications including the interior and exterior surfaces of vehicles, jewelry, and sanitary fittings, and are utilized in the electronics sector to improve functional performance. 

Along with decorative finishes, we offer functional technologies designed to deliver unmatched corrosion protection and durability. Within automotive, this includes finishes for brake calipers that offer enhanced corrosion resistance. We are also continuing to drive innovation in the electroless nickel space, developing technologies that improve operational efficiencies in plating shops while enhancing the performance of electric vehicles through improved thermal management and protection. 

Both regulations and consumers seem to favor the banning of certain substances deemed harmful to human health or the environment. How is MacDermid Enthone observing this trend?

Our commitment to sustainability drives us to develop technologies that enhance safety, reduce environmental footprint, and meet current and future regulatory requirements. We have developed trivalent chromium solutions, along with chrome-free etch technologies for POP. These technologies are production-proven, and adoption is growing throughout Asia. We are also continuing to develop PFAS-free solutions for both our decorative and functional portfolios, removing substances of high concern from our chemistries and waste streams.

MacDermid Enthone is committed to reducing our customer’s environmental footprint through water and metal recovery technology, including our NiCycle equipment which recovers up to 90% of nickel salts from plating lines, is continually being enhanced to reduce waste and operational costs. Together with MacDermid Envio Solutions, we have developed industry-leading chemicals and equipment to improve wastewater treatment and water reuse, delivering full lifecycle sustainability to our global customers. 

What is MacDermid Enthone’s diversification strategy?

In Asia, the automotive sector is currently our largest business. This includes Southeast Asia, which has become a primary beneficiary of the China Plus One strategy. Companies across China are transferring segments of their business to Thailand, a top choice among Chinese automakers and component manufacturers, with Vietnam, the Philippines, and Indonesia gaining new investments as well. To support our customers in diversifying their supply chains, we hosted an inaugural seminar in Bangkok, Thailand this May, which brought together OEMs, tier 1s, and applicators from across Asia to explore innovative technologies and recent market trends.

We are also growing our market share in PET recycling business, which gaining momentum throughout Southeast Asia, and are honored to play a part in the recycling value chain. 

How have the acquisitions of Coventya and HSO bolstered MacDermid Enthone’s capabilities?

Element Solutions Inc acquired Coventya in 2021, followed by Herbert Schmidt GmbH (HSO) in 2022. These acquisitions added industry-leading products and technologies to the MacDermid Enthone portfolio, enabling us to bring unmatched solutions to our customers. We also gained a team of talented employees who have been the driving force behind our growth and continuous innovation. 


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