"We are replacing molecules that were used long ago, such as mercury, chlorine and sulfur, with safer and more environmentally friendly molecules."

Héctor Jiménez Landa


December 16, 2022

Can you describe Interadi's history and operations?

INTERADI is a Mexican company founded in 1985. We manufacture bactericides, fungicides, dispersants and defoamers for the paint, coatings, water proofing, concrete additives and tanning industries. We export our products to Central and South America and the Caribbean. INTERADI has branches in the main cities of Mexico, such as Monterrey, Guadalajara, and Mérida, and distributors in Colombia, Chile and Puerto Rico. We are the only company in Mexico certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. INTERADI is currently developing more environmentally friendly products to meet market demand with competitive prices and high-quality products.

How does INTERADI prioritize innovation?

We have a microbiology laboratory staffed by highly qualified personnel for each of the industries in which we operate, where products are constantly being developed to provide a broader range of products to meet the needs of our customers. In our laboratory, we perform microbiological analyses of raw materials, process water, and finished products at no cost to our customers.

We also offer free plants hygiene audits to our customers, in which qualified personnel examine the machines, piping, tanks, raw materials, etc. These audits aim to identify, from a microbiological perspective, what the conditions are like in their plants and how we can help them cost-effectively solve their problems.

What are the biggest challenges facing the chemical industry in Mexico?

I would like to see Mexico develop the petrochemical industry more so that we no longer have to import as many raw materials. So far, we can get almost everything we need, sometimes at very high prices, but unfortunately, the vast majority of products are imported. At INTERADI, we try to utilize products produced in Mexico as much as possible, although it is sometimes challenging to obtain them.

How have these challenges impacted the supply chain?

It is important to us not to let our customers down, whether commodity prices rise or fall, and we have not let them down. We are always looking for alternatives in our supply chain because we cannot substitute ingredients for our formulations in response to shortages. We are the only Mexican producer of this type of additive with SMC certified quality. We work with large national companies, so we cannot change our formulations at will. We can work with new raw materials, test them and develop a new formulation, but we cannot just replace one material with another overnight.

Is sustainability a priority for INTERADI?

Yes, of course, sustainability and safety are important, but they are just some of the many considerations our customers make. At INTERADI, we are replacing molecules that were used long ago, such as mercury, chlorine and sulfur, with safer and more environmentally friendly molecules. However, since these molecules are more expensive, we have had problems selling them in some Latin American countries, because in these markets there are still many factories that want good, efficient and cheap products, no matter how toxic they are.

We intend to collaborate more and more with sustainability and environmental benefits concerning VOCs. At INTERADI we have developed an emulsifier for solvent-based paints that allows us to add up to 40% water instead of solvents, reducing the amounts of VOCs that go directly into the atmosphere. This is not only an advantage for the environment, but also for the manufacturer itself.

What is your most important goal for 2023?

We are finalizing the projects we already have in our laboratory, and we intend to bring them to market in 2023. In our biocides, we will introduce new molecules that are much more sustainable. We want them to have competitive prices in the market so that this is not a barrier for customers, and they can switch to these types of molecules. In addition, INTERADI continues to pursue the goal of saving at least 4% in electricity consumption and 6% in paper consumption. Another important issue is ensuring that our employees work in a pleasant and safe environment. We are continuing the campaign to conduct safety courses and other workforce development activities.


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