"There have been significant improvements in sensitivity and resolution, depth of investigation, and the interpretability of airborne geophysical data via robust analytical software."

Daniel McKinnon


December 09, 2022

Can you provide an overview of the products and services MPX offers for mineral exploration?

MPX offers the most modern airborne technologies on both fixed and rotary wing platforms, as well as state of the art drones. We also offer full data processing and interpretation services. The technologies we work with include Magnetics, Radiometrics, Gravity, Time Domain EM (TDEM), VLF-EM, MobileMT, and LiDAR.

To what extent have technology and sensors used for exploration evolved over time?

Multi-parameter systems have evolved substantially. They allow for multiple mineral applications, and they help locate mineral deposits essential for the transition to a climate neutral economy. There have been significant improvements in sensitivity and resolution, depth of investigation, and the interpretability of the airborne geophysical data via robust analytical software. There have also been massive improvements in system power, noise reduction, and better target detectability. Modern systems now allow for three-dimensional subsurface modeling, which is a huge advance compared with older systems where targets at depth were often not well defined.

Multiparameter system sensors are rapid, low cost means of targeting areas of high mineral potential, which delivers overall risk reduction to drilling programs. There are four main geophysical methods: Magnetics, Radiometrics, Electromagnetics, and Gravity. However, there has also been significant technology innovation in airborne Electromagnetics, GNSS, Gradient Magnetics, and Drones.

What would you say are some of the most significant macro trends that are driving MPX’s business?

With the increased demand for electric vehicles, batteries, and greener energy storage options, both exploration and funding for technology metals such as cobalt, copper, nickel, platinum group elements, graphite, lithium, rare earth elements and silver has increased which is driving our business to new levels of growth.

Do you view drone surveys as competition to MPX or is this an additional method MPX could use in the future?

For me, in 2022, UAV still have a very limited and specific application. They have improved over the last decade, but they are still not in a position where they are in competition with fixed wing or helicopter platforms. The UAV market does not replace what an aircraft or helicopter can do at this particular stage of the game. The limitations are cargo space, weights and measures, and duration. We do have a UAV LIDAR platform, and we are currently flying a survey in Manitoba and in LATAM. We only use this for very small, specific areas in part as some of these UAVs duration is limited to 20 or 60 minutes.

To what extent does MPX add value in processing and doing interpretation modelling?

One of the historical drawbacks that geophysics has had is that many geologists had not assumed the challenge of being trained to process and interpret the data resulting from geophysical acquisition. For this reason, those who have assumed the role were mathematicians or physicists, with minimal knowledge of geology. Today, in order to carry out processing, and especially interpretation, there has to be teamwork between physicists, geophysicists and geologists who understand the geological model of the area from which the acquisition is being made. This allows us to provide the client with real and adjusted geological information of the area. We have addressed this, and we have a group of professionals capable of carrying out the teamwork that provides the client with the added value in the processing and interpretation of the acquired data.

What are the key factors that differentiate MPX?

Rather than offering a technology we like to offer the solution to a particular client depending on the problem they are facing. It is a complex process, and there is not one technology or one discipline that you can do to find a particular mineral. We are results driven and committed to offering solutions, we are recognized for our customer service and full satisfaction. All our surveys combine not only our technology but our industry leading health and safety practices. We are known for our strong strategic partnerships with airborne vendors and suppliers, we supply superior efficiency in acquisition and product delivery, our team are all experienced and professionals.


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